Thursday, August 11, 2011

What Exactly Is A Rotator Cuff Injury?

Just in case you are not sure where your rotator cuff is located, it is positioned in your shoulder area. There are several ways to injury the rotator cuff and if you do suffer from such misfortune you will know it. This can usually occurs due to another injury to the area or it become worn down over time. Other this these obvious circumstances, it will take a great deal of force to do damage to this powerful tendon group.

The rotator cuff has a big job to do. There are four tendons and some muscles that all work together and keep the shoulder joint stable. This is not easy because of the fact that the shoulder is a ball and socket joint and movement involves a complicated involvement of all of the aforementioned tendons, muscles, and as well has three main bones. The bones, humerus, clavicle, and scapula, are all kept together by a few muscles and tendons and together it keeps that arm bone in place within the socket.

Many people experience problems with their shoulder area because of this wearing down process that happens with living. As necessary as being repetitive is, so too is the damage from these motions and this is very evident in sports and on the job. A closer look at what is really going on under the skin, is the rubbing friction between the bones and the tendons. This will cause slow wearing to occur and is especially prevalent in people with irregular shaped shoulder bones. Those who enjoy playing sports deal with this type of damage, but so do waitresses, carpenters and mechanics who often carry loads that exceed their ability on a regular basis.

More often than not, a condition called bursitis is the end result. This is because of calcium buildup in the tendons where partial tears occur. If inflammation is present, this condition is called tendinitis. You might be thinking that you have a bad or weak shoulder, when in fact your shoulder weakness could be more properly diagnosed as a torn rotator cuff and the inability to raise your arm is the result of damage other than the obvious pain that is involved.

A rotatory cuff tear is very hard to ignore. You will immediately have to deal with the pain. You will also notice a slight distinctive popping noise and know instantly that there has been some damage that will require immediate attention. You will also notice that any movementPsychology Articles, especially trying the raise your arm will be all but impossible. Just the mere weight of the arm will cause extreme pain. Sleeping will also be a challenge if you have to move your arm or shoulder much.

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