Sunday, September 4, 2011

Treating Impulsive Behaviors the Right Way

It is a known fact that most children can be difficult to deal with from time to time, but what about all of the time? Treating impulsive behaviors in children is something that millions of parents have to do every single day. What causes these impulsive behaviors? ADHD. The last thing you need to do is react out of anger, because if your child has ADHD, they really cannot help it.

Let's say for example that your child just smashed a buggy into a lady at the supermarket and caused her to drop all of her groceries. This is typical ADHD behavior and is an everyday thing for so many children. The first thing you may want to do is yell at your child for being so embarrassing and rude. Although you should apologize for your child's behavior, you should not yell at them or scold them. However, you should correct them right away and explain to them at that very moment what they did wrong and why they should not do it again.

When treating impulsive behaviors in your child, always explain to them on spot what is going on. Tell them what they should do instead so they know that there are other options for them in reference to their behavior. In the meantime, be careful about treating your child with prescription medication. The reason why is because they may only make matters worse. It is not hard to understand why those parenting an impulsive child want to treat them with medication. Parents do this because they think it works.

In reality, a more direct approach needs to be taken. A child who suffers with impulsive behaviors and ADHD needs to understand what is really happening to them. At the earliest age possible, explain to your child why they feel the way they do. Being aware of why they experience these impulses will help them to recognize them much easier and thus, put a stop to them in advance. A successful treatment requires that both the parent and child work together. Obviously, the biggest responsibility is in the hands of the parent.

Although you will still have to talk to your child about their behavior, it doesn't have to be difficult. Treating impulsive behaviors with natural remedies can help them to calm down quite a bit. Remedies such as Passion Flower and St. John's Wort can help your child's brain chemicals to return to normal and stabilize naturally without interrupting their body's natural processes. Natural healing is the key when parenting an impulsive child.

They need to understand that is it is never okay to take the easy way out. Many children who have been prescribed medications such as Ritlan and other stimulants are led to believe that "getting doped up" is the best way to get rid of their problems. This can easily lead to substance abuse along with dozens of other obvious problems.

What you are going to find is that you have a ton of options when treating impulsive behaviors in your child. The best and most beneficial thing about using natural remedies is that there are no side effects to deal with, so there are also no worries about your child's symptoms worsening.

Diana is a Natural Health Consultant and is currently taking classes to earn a certificate in herbalism. Her website Natural Health and Herbal Remedies, offers the knowledge, insights and experiences she has gained from her journey into the world of natural health and her quest to share it with others. Learn more about ADHD at her website.

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